Redlands Rugby Club

Office Bearers – 2021

Keith Taylor

Tiki Tuapou

Nicole Pennefather

Jo Wild

Richard Kameta

Lauren Dwight

John Lloyd

Club History

An advertisement placed in the Redland Times by the owners of the Victoria Point Family Centre, Wally and Rod Hauser, for anyone interested in starting Rugby Union in the Redlands to attend. This meeting was attended by Wally Hauser, Rod Hauser, Max Bolte and John Lloyd. The Hauser’s didn’t think that there was enough interest so didn’t continue any further with the formation of a Rugby Club. Max and John, who both had sons aged 7 decided to contact their sons friends to form a team. The players in 1979 were David Bolte, Brett Lloyd, Darren McDonnell, Anthony Simmers, Craig Taggart to mention a few.

As a direct result of the meeting, junior rugby commenced in the Redlands, with one team taking part in the 1979 competition. The Club was known as Redlands Junior Rugby Union Club.

It is a measure of the success of the organisers that Under 7 sides in 1980 and in 1981 were both Premiership winners.

In 1983, efforts were made to commence a Senior club. These were unsuccessful. However, in the following year an unofficial committee comprising Max Bolte, Eric Lewis and Arthur Davis were responsible for promoting sufficient enthusiasm amongst rugby players to permit a Senior side to compete in the Sub-Districts competition. It should be noted that the team reached the semi-finals in its inaugural year. This then named Redlands District Rugby Union Club.

The two clubs functioned together but as separate bodies until March, 1986, when it was decided that they merge and the present Redlands Rugby Union Club was formed.

Also in March of that year, a Redlands over 35 side was commenced. This was supported by, amongst others, Arthur Davis, Ken Luskie, Steve Foster, Dave Rodgerson, Max Crowther, Greg Palmer and Steve Guthrie.

Basically a social rugby side, it is not outplayed or out skilled by any other Over 35 side in Brisbane. They toured New Zealand in 1987, to Canada in 1989, Perth in 1991, Dublin 1993, Christchurch 1995, Vancouver 1997, Adelaide 1999, Toulouse 2001, Brisbane 2003, San Diego 2005, Wellington 2006, Edinburgh 2008, Sydney 2010, Japan 2012, Argentina 2014, and Cardiff in 2016.

It is acknowledged that many major and minor contributions have been made to Redlands Rugby by people whose names are not mentioned here. It is not possible to list all of the people. Their tribute must be the success of the club, now and in the future.

Initially, the club played its games at Mooroondu Oval at Thorneside. In 1985, it was given tenancy of the reconstructed dump at Randall Road through the generosity of the Redland Shire Council.

It would not be right to fail to acknowledge the important contributions by the Redland Shire Council over the years and its indicated intentions of continuing to do so. We must thank the various Council Chairmen and our Club Patron Greg Palmer, for the support and assistance they have given. Acknowledgement and thank you also goes to Judy Holt who was our Club Patron from the time the club started at Judy Holt up until 2014.

The Clubhouse was built by council in 1985 and consisted of a canteen and change room with one playing field with lights. Since then two major extensions have taken place. The main Clubhouse structure was built in 1988. A second playing field was added in 1993. As our numbers grew, so did the need for more space and a 3rd playing field was added in 1997. By 1998 the additional equipment rooms, back servery and office were built to establish the clubhouse as it is today. An upgrade of the lights on field one and two was completed in April 2000 and was officially opened by Redland Mayor Eddie Santaguiliana.

Our mission.

Keep growing our family of Rugby loving Mudcrabs.