Junior Team Information

Welcome to the Junior Rugby page.

As we look to build on the success of our Juniors’ in recent years, we will be providing a strong focus on skill levels for players, coaches and referees, thereby creating a stronger pathway for our juniors.

As a volunteer based organisation, the efforts and hard work put in by all coaches, managers, linesmen, field marshals, medics and volunteers are greatly needed and appreciated.

Muddies is a club that caters for both our representative and recreational players. Our aim is to provide the opportunity to ALL players who want to play rugby, the chance to do so. Our commitment is to provide a fun, safe environment where families can meet and enjoy their time with the club, whilst our players are learning and developing their skills both as players and officials to the level at which they wish to participate.

I look forward to the season, catching up with returning members and meeting our new members.

Again, welcome to the Redlands Junior Rugby club. For more info use our Contact Us Page

Tiki Tuapou
Rugby Co-Ordinator

Information About Juniors

Allocation of Junior Players to Teams

Under 6-9’s – Siblings will be placed in the Red team so that, they will play at the same venue on any given day.

Under 6 – 11’s – Friends will be placed in teams where possible.

Under 12’s – 17’s – All players will be graded into teams if there are 2 teams or more.

Interpretations of Laws Rules & Code of Conduct

On a number of occasions, as has occurred in previous years, coaches, referees, players and those on the sideline were not consistent from week to week in their interpretations of the Laws/Rules. Coaches and referees are volunteers who devote themselves to the game and try very hard, please don’t be a sideline bagger, it is not tolerated within this Club. The players pick up on the sideline comments, which are made about the opposition coach, players, the referee, and their game can suffer because of it, especially through loss of concentration. Bite your tongue and bring it up with a member of the Committee.

Harmony during a game makes it so much more enjoyable, be positive and encourage. Applaud good play by our players and the opposition. The Code of Conduct for Junior Players, Parents and Spectators, Coaches, Managers and Referees is reproduced in this handbook. Ensure you read it and have players read their section and/or explain its contents to them.


As we are a volunteer organisation, everyone is requested to help out with tasks such as Game Day Set Up, Dismantle, Canteen Roster – both at home games and training nights, and other tasks as the need arises. Roster requirements are allocated by team. The Team Manager then rosters those in the team to the tasks, this will include washing jerseys. DO NOT wash jerseys in HOT water, or put them through a DRYER.

Inclement Weather / Game Cancellations

Training – Generally if it is raining training will still be on.

Thunder & Lightning – If thunder and lightning is in the vicinity, training is to cease immediately and players move under cover.

Games – Generally games are played even if it is raining. If it has been raining heavily for a period of time and the grounds are potentially unplayable you should note that the following occurs:

1. Game cancelled the night before – The Coach or Manager will ring you.

2. Cancelled on game day – This will occur from 7.15am with the Committee informing Coaches and or Managers, who will then ring you. Please do not ring before 7.30am as you will delay the system as outlined above.

3. No Contact – If after 7.30am you have not been contacted ring the Manager, then the Coach and lastly the Junior Chairperson. If it is a Home Game the Junior Chairperson could be at the ground, so ring his Mobile number and if all else fails ring the Ground 3822 1431 and ensure you let it ring as the Ground Set Up could be occurring.

4. All else Fails – Ring the ground at which the Game is being played. If none of the above is successful I would suggest that the game is on and everyone is on their way, or is busy setting up.

Mouth Guard

All players must wear mouthguards both at training and during games. Junior teams play to a “No mouthguard No play” policy. Two main types:

1. Do it yourself, which can be purchased from a Chemist. Suggested that Managers buy a couple at the beginning of each season for re-sale and have them on hand in case someone forgets.

2. Moulded type, best option and most expensive, which you get most back in rebate if you are in a Health Fund. Look up Yellow Pages under Dental Prosthetics, or go to your Dentist. Ask the Committee, there are a couple of dentists in the club.

Head Gear & Long Hair

Head Gear – An optional item. It should be as light as possible and adjustable. Be careful with style. Some of the types worn by Rugby League players are not legal in Rugby, they should carry the IRB logo.

Long Hair, especially for U9s up, where possible should be underneath headgear (especially if in a pony tail or braided). Why? It is tackle and the chance is always present that an opposition player whether in a game or at training could be tempted to grab and swing by the hair, neck injuries?

Pads & Jewellery

Shoulder pads – etc are an optional item and not really necessary unless you are protecting an old injury. Ask your coach if unsure, there are strict requirements, they should have an IRB logo. 


Jewellery is not to be worn whilst playing or training, this includes watches, earrings, hair beads, etc. 

Boots / Footwear

Footwear is to be worn playing and the following restrictions are not negotiable:

U6 – 9 players moulded football boots or blades. Under no circumstances are any type of screw in boot tags permitted. Referees are instructed to check boots before each game for sharp edges and tags.

U10 upwards play in football boots.

Boot Tags – shall be no more than 18mm in length and be of such composition that no sharp cutting surfaces exist.

Donations and Expertise

Expertise is always in demand, so if you are willing to put your skills to use for the club, such as, Electrician, Plumber, Builder, Accountant to assist with books, etc the list goes on. Let us know and if you don’t rate as a sponsor we will list you in the Support Those Who Support Us column of our club newsletter.

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