Code of Conduct – Managers

Managers Code of Conduct

1. Encourage parents and supporters to talk to opposition spectators.

2. Encourage supporters to praise good play by both teams.

3. Discourage supporters from excessive barracking.

4. Provide administrative assistance to the Coach including full knowledge of the Competition Rules and paperwork requirements.

5. Be fully informed of Rugby requirements and matters affecting your team.

6. Look after injured players while they are not able to take the field.

7. Ensure that players are aware of representative trials and if selected, they are fully aware of their commitments and that they know of their selection.

8. Insist on an appropriate standard of team behaviour both on and off the field.

9. Set an example in terms of behaviour.

10. Do not approach a referee/touch judge at any stage during or immediately after a game.

Remember, the QJRU Management Committee and BJRU Competition Committee have the power to cite Players, Coaches, and/or Spectators for behaviour that may bring the game of Rugby into disrepute.

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